Court History

The name Panipat is the reminiscent of the great battles that were fought here between might forces over many centuries. According to the legend, Panipat was one of the five villages (Prasthas) founded by the Pandvas during the time of "Mahabharata"; it´s historic name being "Panduprastha". The first verse of the Bhagwat Geeta is possibly refrencing to Panipat as "Dharamkshetra". The three historic battles of Panipat were fought here, which were the turning points in Indian history.

Panipat is situated on the bank of river Yamuna. This District is bordered by District Karnal, Sonepat, Jind, Kaithal and the State of Uttar Pradesh. Panipat is situated on Grand Trunk road built by Sher Shah Suri and is just 96 Kms. North of National Capital, Delhi. The newly constructed flyover across the Grand Trunk road is one of the longest flyover in India.
The total area of Panipat District is 1268 Sq. Kms and it´s population is 12,02,811 as per census of 2011.Smaller towns Samalkha, Israna and Naultha are in Panipat District. Panipat is a city of textles and carpets. That´s why it is also known as "City of Weavers" or "City of Handloom". It is the biggest centre of "Shoddy Yarn" in the world. The "Achar Pachranga" is a well known Indian pickle produced in Panipat since 1925. Panipat also has heavy Industries with a refinery of Indian Oil Corporation, a National Thermal Power Corporation plant and a National Fertilizers plant. The Samalkha sub division is also famous for foundry of agricultural instruments. The main places of attraction in Panipat are Panipat museum , Tomb of Ibrahim Lodhi, Kabuli Bagh, Devi Mandir, Kala Amb, Salar Gunj Gate and Tomb of Sufi Saint Bu Ali Shah Qalander. Panipat remained a part of Karnal District till 31st October, 1989 and thereafter it was upgraded as a separate Distirict. INFORMATION AS TO WHEN THE COURTS WERE SET UP In the beginning of 20th Century, the civil judicial work was placed under the supervision of District & Sessions Judge posted at Karnal. He was assisted by Senior Sub Judge, Karnal and three Sub Judges, one each for Karnal, Panipat and Kaithal. The Courts at Panipat were previously situated at the “Kabri Wali Kothi”. The Court of Additional District & Sessions Judge was set up at Panipat district on 02.05.1990 and Shri Suresh Chand Jain was the first Additional District & Sessions Judge, of Panipat.

New judical complex and new laywers chamber was inaugurated in the presidentship of Sh. Parkash Gahlyan, Advocate District Bar Association Panipat by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mukul Mudgal, the then Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High court on 29th August, 2010. The Haryana Govt. declared Panipat as a separate Sessions Division vide notification no. S.O. 119/C.A. 2/1974/S.7/2010 dated 16.12.2010. Sh. Kailash Chand Sharma, who earlier also served as Chief Judicial Magistrate and Additional District & sessions Judge-I, Panipat took over the charge as the first District & Sessions Judge, Panipat w.e.f. 08.04.2011.

Sr No. Year President Secretary
1 1928 Sh. Khan Tahwar Ali Hyader  
2 1929 Sh. Sugan Chand Roshan
3 1930 Sh. Rattan Lal Jain  
4 1931 Sh. Laxman Sarup Gupta  
5 1932 Sh. Jaii Bhagwan Jain  
6 1933 Sh. Dharam Singh Aggarwal  
7 1934 Sh.Kundan Lal Sharma  
8 1935 Jawala Parsad Goel  
9 1936 Sh. Din Dayal Gupta  
10 1937 Sh. Jai Bhagwan Jain  
11 1938 Sh. Sugan Chand Roshan  
12 1939 Sh.. Kundan Lal Sharma  
13 1940 Sh. Dharam Singh Aggarwal  
14 1941 Sh. Jawala Parsad Goel  
15 1942 Sh. Ramesh Chand Bekas  
16 1943 Sh. Ratan Lal Jain  
17 1944 Sh. Sh. Jai Bhagwan Jain  
18 1945 Sh. Kundan Lal Sharma  
19 1946 Sh. Dharam Singh Aggarwal  
20 1947 Sh. Jawala Parsad Goel  
21 1948 Sh. Sugan Chand Roshan  
22 1949 Sh. Jawala Parsad Goel  
23 1950 Sh. Kundan Lal Sharma  
24 1951 Sh. Dharam Singh Aggarwal  
25 1952 Sh. Jai Bhagwan Jain  
26 1953 Sh. Sunder Dass Malhotra  
27 1954 Sh. Ramesh Chand Bekas  
28 1955 Sh. Jai Bhagwan Jain  
29 1956 Sh.Kundan Lal Sharma  
30 1957 Sh. Kundan Lal Sharma  
31 1958 Sh. Dharam Singh Rathee  
32 1959 Sh. Jai Bhagwan Jain  
33 1960 Sh. Lal Singh Yant  
34 1961 Sh. Jawala Parsad Goel  
35 1962 Sh. Babu Ram Gopal  
36 1963 Sh. Jawala Parsad Goel  
37 1964 Sh. Sunder Dass Malhotra  
38 1965 Sh. M.C. Chopra  
39 1966 Sh. Ramesh Chand Bekas  
40 1967 Sh. Raghbir Chand Chawla  
41 1968 Sh. Babu Ram Gopal  
42 1969 Sh. Milkhi Ram Kapoor  
43 1970 Sh. Ranbir Singh Ghangas  
44 1971 Sh. Jawala Parsad Goel Sh. Kuldeep Singh Ruhal
45 1972 Sh. Karan Singh Kadyan Sh. Ranvir Singh
46 1973 Sh. Surat Singh Deswal Sh.Mohinder Singh
47 1974 Sh. Diwan Singh Jaglan Sh. Sewa Ram Saini
48 1975 Sh. Jawala Parsad Goel Sh. Shamsher Singh
49 1976 Sh. Ranbir Singh Jaglan Sh. P.D. Gautam
50 1977 Sh. Babu Ram Gopal Sh. Daljit Singh Malik
51 1978 Sh. Milkhi Ram Kapoor Sh. Daljit Singh Malik
52 1979 Sh. S.N. Singla Sh.. Rajpal Kadyan
53 1980 Sh. Kattar Singh Chhoker Sh. P.S. Duhan
54 1981 Sh. Babu Ram Gopal Sh. D.V Mann
55 1982 Sh. S.N. Singla Sh. R.N Tyagi
56 1983 Sh. Raghbir Singh Saini Sh. R.S Panwar
57 1984 Sh. Ram Nath Kundu Sh. Rajrup Malik
58 1985 Sh. Om Parkash Jaglan Sh. Sher Singh Kharab
59 1986 Sh. Randhir Singh Ghangas Sh. S.S. Mann
60 1987 Sh. Surat Singh Deswal Sh. D.D Sharma
61 1988 Sh. Jagat Singh, Sh. R.S. Jindal Sh. Ramesh Sharma
62 1989 Sh. Jai Singh Rathee, Sh. C.K. Mehta Sh. P.S Duhan
63 1990 Sh. I.S. Ghangas, Sh. R.S. Malik Sh. J.S Rathee
64 1991 Sh. Raj Paul Kadiyan Sh. R.S. Rawal
65 1992 Sh. Mohinder SIngh Ghangas Sh. Gaje Singh
66 1993 Sh. Randhir Singh Ghangas Sh. V.P Kadyan
67 1994 Sh. Randhir Singh Ghangas Sh. J.B. Ruhal
68 1995 Sh. Satdev Ruhal Sh. Ravinder Kundu
69 1996 Sh. Satdev Ruhal Sh. Devender Singh Lochab
70 1997 Sh. Umed SIngh Ahlawat Sh. Sanjay Sharma
71 1998 Sh. Umed SIngh Ahlawat Sh. Verender Kumar Nagrath
72 1999 Sh. Ramesh Chand Sharma Sh. Raj Singh Rawal
73 2000 Sh. Nakul Singh Chhoker Sh. Surender Ahlawat
74 2001 Sh. Satinder SIngh(Member Bar Counsil Punjab & Haryana 1997-2002) Sh. Ramesh Kaushik
75 2002 Sh. Satinder SIngh(Member Bar Counsil Punjab & Haryana 1997-2002) Sh. Virender Sharma
76 2003 Sh. Ramesh Chand Sharma Sh. Rakesh Malik
77 2004 Sh. Mamraj Chhoker Sh. Adarsh Sharma
78 2005 Sh. Ved Pal Kadiyan Sh. Ajay Ghangas
79 2006 Sh. Umed SIngh Ahlawat Sh. Tejbir Kharab
80 2007 Sh. Rajbir Kadiyan Sh. Sanjay Bhargav
81 2008 Sh. Sukhbir Sharma Sh. Mukesh Shandilya
82 2009 Sh. Rajnish Trehan Sh. Parmod Gujjar
83 2010 Sh. Parkash Gahlyan Sh. Bhopal Singh Rawal
84 2011 Sh.Nakul Singh Chhoker Sh. Vivek Malik
85 2012 Sh. Umed SIngh Ahlawat Sh. Vikas Panwar
86 2013 Sh. Satinder SIngh Sh. Ashok Kumar Kaushik
87 2014 Sh. Satinder Singh Sh. Kamal Dua
88 2015-16 Sh. Rajesh Sharma Sh. Rohit Kundu
89 2017 Sh. Nirmal Singh Gujjar Sh. Amit Kadyan
90 2018 Sh. Sher Singh Kharab Sh. Harminder Sangwan